Lima Dromadaire

Who are we ?

In favor of hikers and nature lovers, and for more than 13 years, we devote our time and energy to organizing camel rides and treks, these faithful companions of man since ancient times. There is nothing better than a stroll with his companion, along the shore or through the sand dunes and forests of the Essaouira region. That's why we cover them with the care they need.

Our team consists of experienced camel drivers at your service, to help you formalize your needs, in order to be in adequacy with your request. we take care of the quality of the services we offer you, we privilege the proximity with our visitors and we wish you, to reserve you the best reception.

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Where to find us ?

Bay of Essaouira near the Océan Vagabond restaurant
+212 668 18 92 20
+212 604 37 33 39


Remarkably insightful and sensitive, he remains attentive to the needs of his customers, he constantly controls, evaluates and improves his services, he welcomes you instead of your convenience to transport you to the end of your ride, it is a pleasure to provide you with further explanations about its dromedaries, the program of the service without forgetting the historical and cultural aspect of the region as well as the customs of its inhabitants ...


We had scheduled an hour of ride. A little lost in Essaouira, Abdoul was kind enough to pick us up at the hotel not far from the beach. Then he prepared us with the traditional dress and took many pictures and videos with our camera. It was a very pleasant and exceptional moment on this beautiful beach of Essaouira. THANK YOU Aboul for your implication in your work with the travelers and these camels Forest Gump, Mandela, Timbuktu.

Our camels

Each dromedary has its own name, we find: Sultan, Timbuktu, Forest Gump, Sebastian, and Mandela. They are beautiful and healthy (some are difficult to separate from their friends & congeners!), It comes from their habit of living together all the time, to stay close to each other, which is why we treat them with love and great attention.